Versico Roofing Systems offers a range of roofing products for architects, contractors, building owners, and other professionals in the commercial construction industry. Their solutions are designed to save on labor costs and work with any design.

Find the Right Roofing System: Take the Verisco Assessment

If you’re a building owner, building manager, or contractor looking to choose the right roofing system in a way that’s quick and accurate, Verisco has the perfect tool for you. Using their assessment, known as the System Selector, you can answer a few easy questions to choose the right roofing system for your building.  

The System Selector even features an online chat for support during business hours. Versico’s customer service professionals also proactively return messages left in the chat feature after hours.  

Energy Efficient Roofing Options

Versico offers several energy-efficient roofing membranes that offer significant savings on labor and materials. VersiFleece, a highly puncture-resistant, fleece-backed membrane, features 75% fewer seams than modified bitumen, creating significant labor savings. Several Versico products, such as the VersiFlex and VersiWeld lines, are certified for energy performance by the Cool Roof Rating Council. 

To learn more about Versico and their roofing options, visit their website:

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