Omnis is a leader in building envelope and exterior solutions, distributing a range of engineered stone rainscreen panels as well as concrete technologies and sustainable, high-performance coatings. Omnis takes great pride in working with a talented team of installers, architects, contractors, and building owners to create beautifully-designed commercial projects.

The Look You Want with the Durability You Need

Omnis provides several distinct engineered stone rainscreen panel systems from which you can choose.  Each comes with a variety of textures and colors to provide your commercial project with unique visual appeal. Omnis works with two unique lines that we are proud to represent. Petrach is composed of reconstituted marble and Steni is made from fiberglass-reinforced polymer composite with a crushed limestone core. From anti-graffiti features to elevated façade temperatures, there are many reasons to consider exterior products from Omnis.  

The durability of the selection of rainscreen panels is also second to none. In addition to a warranty, the life expectancy of the offered rainscreen panels is between 50 and 60 years, although many of the rainscreen panels last much longer. Most options are also easily cleaned with traditional cleaning methods. Omnis also provides samples and budget projection services.  

Considering engineered stone rainscreen panels and attachment systems as part of your project? Visit Omnis’s website to learn more about how they can give your project a unique look:

Omnis Means More Than Just Stone

Part of the success of Omnis are their offerings that protect and preserve the building envelope with materials other than engineered stone. Although stone is a fantastic building material in most ways: two of its biggest cons are cost and weight.

The K-Form Concrete Formwork System is a lightweight alternative to traditional concrete framework systems. Using a PVC framework that is lightweight and 100% recycled, this system saves builders money on labor and materials while delivering a finished concrete slab that’s as smooth and durable as any other.

Coating technologies can round out building projects by protecting exterior features that would otherwise be exposed to the elements or by adding an extra layer of protection to walls and exteriors. The line of Zenova paints from Omnis includes thermal insulating and intumescent coatings that offer lasting protection for your next project.

Learn more about concrete technologies and coating products from Omnis.


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