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Building and Construction Events

As you design and build, Walco's events give you the latest information on trends, code compliance, and how to streamline processes.

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Continuing Education and More

Professional Development Opportunities and Events

The Walco team is happy to visit your company or organization. Our presentations discuss design and build trends, maintaining code compliance, and other building construction topics. 

We’re glad to host our events, in-person and virtually, helping builders and the construction community learn more about useful products and services. Architects, contractors, and building owners are just some of the people for whom we host events.

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Architects and Design Professionals

Architects and design professionals working in the planning stages of a project need to stay in the know on building construction codes and design and product trends. Our team’s events can keep you informed.

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Contractors working in construction management have to be experts on the products they’re using and installing. Walco can share our expertise on many product lines and features.

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Building Owners and Managers

Building owners and managers should stay up to date with emerging technologies, manufacturers, and suppliers.  Our events can help you do just that.

Upcoming Events

Explore Our Construction and Building Events

"I have known about Walco and they have worked with me for over 30 years. I have always considered them the go-to company when I needed information or help with any of their products. I’ve received same or next day in person delivery of product data, samples, technical information and if that was not available, advice on other or similar products that might solve my problem, not to mention contact data for manufacturer’s reps. It’s always where I start."

Dwight Rosenbaum

Events FAQ

Questions on Events and Continuing Education?

Walco’s building and construction events let us share more about manufacturers and suppliers, as well as other services that could be of use to you for your project management needs. If you have a question we didn't answer, just contact us directly and we'd be glad to assist.

Do you offer any free consultations?

Yes! True Roof Rater is a free roof inspection and maintenance program. Through the program, Walco can come to your site to inspect your roof, take pictures, and provide maintenance recommendations to you at no obligation.

Walco can perform a True Roof Rater evaluation for public and private buildings. It’s a great service for building a maintenance plan while saving for a future re-roof job. 

Do you offer virtual events?

Yes. Walco offers virtual Lunch and Learn events to share more info about our products and the manufacturers and suppliers with whom we work. We can also discuss and present on other design and build topics, and most of these presentations yield AIA credits.

Does Walco do trade shows or construction shows?

Walco actively participates in trade shows, construction shows, and other building and construction events. We’ve recently been at the Oklahoma AIA show along with several other key industry shows and events.

Can you present to my company, office, or design firm?

Yes. Walco hosts a variety of in-person events, virtual events, and Lunch and Learn-style events. We regularly present to architects and designers, construction contractors and managers, building owners, and others.

Can you help me with CEU credits for me to maintain my licensure or accreditation?

Yes. We can help with CEU credits pertaining to our events. Contact us to learn more.

Does Walco provide lunch at Lunch and Learns?

Depending on the event, Walco can often provide lunch at Lunch and Learns.

Stay in the Know About Upcoming Events

Walco’s events help you stay current and informed on trends, compliance codes, and on expediting processes as you design and build.