Laminators Inc. manufactures aluminum composite panels, installation systems, and sign panels designed to meet your specific requirements.

Custom Fabricated and Field Fabricated Panels

Laminators Inc. truly lives up to their motto of going beyond the panel. Their commitment to their customers includes not just quality products, but innovative applications and service as well. 

Laminators Inc. can provide you with numerous options for your composite panel and installation needs, including both custom fabricated and field fabricated panels. In addition, they offer engineering assistance and compliant insulation for a comprehensive solution. 

Many of their field-fabricated systems include tight fight molding that include one-piece solutions. These simple installation options make fabrication and installation simple and often less expensive than other aluminum composite panel products. They also offer a host of colors and provide support for the life of the system. You also receive two finishes to choose from and multiple design options to ensure that you love the look of your panels.  

Additionally, Laminators Inc. understands that it is important for architects and contractors to understand the technical information that is part of the composite panel installation (and even that is part of making the proper choice in composite panels). That’s why they offer CAD drawings, technical guides, and installation guides, too.  

You can learn more about Laminators Inc. by visiting their website:

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