American Skylights has been the leading provider of custom skylights for almost half a century. Their products have been approved by the Texas Department of Insurance, AAMA, and Miami Dade County. Their offerings include structural and architectural skylights with a range of glazing options.

Custom Skylights to Meet Your Needs

For close to 50 years, American Skylights has worked with their clients to design and manufacture commercial skylights in a range of configurations. 

American Skylights offers the following product choices

  • Four frame options;
  • Three basic colors (with other colors available on request);
  • Additional glazing options, and various glass thicknesses (including insulated glass and tempered glass).

American Skylights also offers FM approved options, hail rated, circular, vented, fall protection, energy efficient options, hurricane rated, and more.

Roofing Systems

American Skylights offers roof system skylights for a simple, modular daylighting option that still covers a large area. . They are available in widths of up to ten feet and virtually unlimited lengths, making them flexible enough to fit many types of commercial projects. Options include barrel vault curb mount, ridge lite curb mount, and more.  

For architects looking to perfect their skylight design with American Skylight options, American Skylights provides the Skylight Spec Creator.  

Interested in learning more about what American Skylights can provide to your project? Visit their website:



ASI Brochure 2021

Fall Protection Skylight Products

Fall Protection Screens

Glass Thermally Broken Fixed Curb Mount

Glass Thermally Broken Insulated Fixed Self Flashing

Tandem System

Model TCM-FG


Thermally Broken Curb Mount


Polycarbonate Glazing Cleaning Instructions

Fall Protection Test Report

Acrylic Glazing Cleaning Instructions

Skylight Ordering Drawing

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