Soprema offers a diverse line of commercial roofing, waterproofing, wall protection, and other exterior-oriented products. Best known for their modified bitumen and synthetic membranes, Soprema is an experienced manufacturer of high quality liquid-applied solutions.

Comprehensive Commercial Solutions

Not many manufacturers have as diverse an inventory as Soprema. Their options span a wide range of commercial construction needs:   

  • 18 options listed under roofing (broken down into cool, new; reroof & recover; and vegetated) 
  • 13 options listed under waterproofing (for above- and below- ground applications) 
  • 3 options listed under wall systems (further broken down by non-permeable air & vapor barriers and vapor permeable air barriers) 

Soprema also offers civil engineering services and soundproofing. Their website allows you to register products or even projects, learn about their warranty, and access their document library. They also provide a contractor training program and other resources related to their products.  

For more information about everything that Soprema has to offer for your commercial project, visit their website:

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