Berridge Manufacturing specializes in architectural sheet metal for roofing and exteriors. They have a wide range of metal solutions on offer including fascia panels and soffit panels. Last year they celebrated their 50th anniversary as a distinguished and reliable manufacturing company.  

Setting the Standard in Architectural Metal Roofing Systems.

Berridge is a dependable manufacturer for high-quality, attractive architectural metal solutions for roofing and exteriors. 

From standing seam systems to alternative systems to simulated Spanish tile systems, Berridge Manufacturing’s 44-page beautiful, highly-detailed online catalog provides the specifications of each architectural metal roofing system carried, including UL classification, state approval information, and more. 

Berridge Manufacturing Visualizer Tool

Berridge helps buyers reduce the guesswork involved in incorporating architectural products into their design with a useful  Visualizer tool

With this tool, you can upload an image of your building and then choose one of Berridge’s products in the Visualizer. That product is then applied to your photo so that you can get an idea of what your building would look like. 

The visualizer tool simplifies the process of selecting a product and helps to ensure you get a finished design you’ll be satisfied with. 

To learn more about Berridge, visit their website at: 



2020 Product Guide

Batten Seam Panel Data Sheet

BR-12 Panel Data Sheet

Cee-Lock Panel Data Sheet

Deep Deck Panel Data Sheet

Double-Lock Zee-Lock Panel Data Sheet

Flush Seam Panel Data Sheet

FW-1025 and FW-12 Panels Data Sheet

HC-16 Panel Data Sheet

High Seam Tee-Panel Data Sheet

HR-16 Metal Wall Panel Data Sheet

HS-8 and HS-12 Panels Data Sheet

L-Panel Data Sheet

M-Panel Data Sheet

R-Panel Data Sheet

S-Deck Data Sheet

Tee-Lock Data Sheet

Tee-Panel Data Sheet

Vee-Panel Data Sheet

Zee-Lock Data Sheet

Unpainted Galvalume Steel Fact Sheet

Vantage Point Roof System Data Sheet

FW12 Installation Instructions

Metal Thickness Chart

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