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Accurate, In-Depth Commercial Construction Estimates

Cost estimation for commercial construction projects takes into account multiple factors, including the type of building, zoning, building materials, labor costs, and geography. Estimating these costs is critical to finishing the project on budget and protecting your profit margin.

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How long does this process take?

Quote timeframes and product lead times can vary according to the type of product, customizations required, and supply chain conditions (product or labor shortages).



Architectural and structural skylights for residential homes, office spaces, and commercial buildings.

Structural Skylights Timeframe: 6-9 months from inquiry to invoice paid and delivery.

Architectural Skylights Timeframe: 6-10 weeks from inquiry to invoice paid and delivery. 


Wall Systems

Digitally-printed facades and architectural building exterior panels (OK and AR only).

Timeframe: 12 months+ from inquiry and invoice paid to delivery. 

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Roofing Systems

Commercial roofing solutions that leverage technological innovation. 

Timeframe: 9 months - 12 months+ from inquiry and invoice paid to delivery. Highly dependent upon supply chain issues. 

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Roof Recovering

Roof recovering materials to preserve and extend the life of an aging roof system. 

Timeframe: 9 months - 12 months+ from inquiry and invoice paid to delivery. Highly dependent upon supply chain issues. 

Cost Factors

Factors That Affect Your Cost Estimate

Accurate construction cost estimates take into account multiple factors. Depending on the type of product, factors such as construction type, manufacturer location and materials used can make a significant difference in the final estimate. Building types and the changing cost of construction materials can also generally affect price.


Skylight size, shape, and glazing options all factor into the final price estimate. Other factors include the type of structure (single story office building vs. high rise building), and building construction.

Wall Systems

Product sizes, choice of materials (metal, stone, wood, etc.), type of panel or system, and other factors significantly affect the cost of construction products in this category.

Roof Recovering

Estimates for materials to repair or refurbish a roof depend on the size of the roof and type of materials being used. Availability of specific membranes depend upon supply chain and product manufacturing.

Roofing Systems

Average cost estimates for roofing vary widely according to the type of roofing (metal, low slope, etc.), square foot cost, and if other components or materials are required to complete the commercial project.

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Help with Estimates

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn about some of the factors that affect your estimate? These are a few frequently asked questions we often receive from general contractors inquiring about lead times and the cost of constructing specific projects.

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What factors affect the cost of these products?

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How to estimate construction costs for commercial building?

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