Karnak provides warranty-backed, applied liquid roofing solutions for commercial projects. Their products offer long-term savings and come with outstanding service and quality.

Liquid Roofing Options for Your Needs

If you’re looking to restore a commercial roof rather than replace it, Karnak has you covered. Whether you have modified bitumen, concrete, single ply, aluminum, or another material, Karnak has a liquid roofing option that may fit your needs.   

They provide eight separate repair products for roofs as well as an array of product- and service-related resources on their site.

Karnak provides both a material warranty as well as a material and labor warranty. The material-only warranty covers any defect in their materials caused by a manufacturing error. The material and labor warranty goes a step further and covers defective products by supplying replacement material and labor to replace the product. Karnak carefully explains each warranty on their website. 

You can learn more about the liquid roofing options Karnak offers by visiting their website:

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