Green Link is an engineering company that works to discover innovative solutions for sustainable construction. They specialize in custom support systems for rooftop equipment.

Meeting Your Safety Needs by Offering Numerous Support Systems

Green Link provides KnuckleHead Lite Pipe Support for 1” or two ½" pipes for your electrical and condensation pipes all the way to 3” pipe, even strut supports for most HVAC equipment. KnuckleHead strut support system features height extensions up to 18”. They also offer angled supports for projects like solar energy collection without adding the extra weight of concrete blocks to the roof surface.  

MetalHead is a pipe support system that is extremely strong and durable and provides support for cable management, ducts and even HVAC/R equipment. It can be used with pipe clamps, elevated channels supported by steel rods, and even roller supports to assist with your pipe project.  

The ChemSeal system was designed and engineered to prevent contamination caused by penetrations passing through and into controlled environments. ChemSeal is specifically formulated adhesive/sealant that provides a barrier to airborne contamination, as well as other customized solutions for things such as clean room needs.  

To learn more about the innovative way Green Link assists with the construction process and to see their amazing line of products, visit their website:

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