Duo-Gard is a leading manufacturer of innovative and beautiful outdoor shelters and daylighting solutions including canopies, walkways, bicycle parking, and outdoor shelters. They ensure a high level of service for custom projects from start to finish, with a focus on creative solutions and lasting partnerships. 

Beautiful Daylighting for Your Interior

Are you looking for a beautiful and innovative way to bring more daylight into the interior of your design? With translucent wall options and skylights, you have the flexibility to design daylighting solutions for multiple areas of your interior, reducing energy costs and enhancing the comfort and visual appeal of the space.

Covered Canopies and Walkways

Are you designing an outdoor space? Duo-Gard can help make the space more usable by offering beautiful, covered canopies or walkways. As an AISC Certified Fabricator with more than 35 years of experience, Duo-Gard assists with value engineering, fabrication and installation of steel structures. 

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