Dizal manufactures siding, coating to protect siding from UV rays and discoloration, cellular PVC decking and siding, and other aluminum products. They can provide various colors and textures for both cellular PVC and aluminum that can enhance the value of your design. 

Cellular PVC Decking & Siding

One of Dizal’s most unique offerings is digitally printed cellular PVC with microbubble-infused polymer that looks very similar to real wood. They offer a lifetime warranty that includes a top coat and Z-Clear for their decking. You can view their digital printing technology gallery by visiting their website. This product provides lifetime beauty without restaining or the ongoing maintenance that is required of real wood. With multiple colors and textures to choose from, it’s no wonder that Dizal remains an industry favorite.  

Dizal’s three-layer digitally printed siding is also built to last. Like the decking, it is cellular PVC that is designed with microbubble-infused polymer to provide the look of real wood. You choose your color and your texture. With Dizal’s top coat and Z-Clear finish, their cellular PVC siding comes with a lifetime guarantee. Their siding is hail, impact, and scratch resistant. 

Dizal Aluminum Products

Dizal provides several high-quality aluminum products for your needs, including
  • Planks
  • Architectural battens
  • Architectural panels
Dizal can apply digital printing technology to your aluminum planks, battens, and panels to achieve a realistic natural wood look. They will help you design a look you love from high-quality materials, provide starter strips and fastening strips where necessary, and include a lifetime guarantee.

Learn more about Dizal and how they can help you by providing high-end cellular PVC and aluminum products at their website:

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